$ 65.00

BEST ENJOYED: When a good long soak is in order

THE MOOD: Give me your finest

EXPERIENCE: Delight in this rejuvenating treatment that includes fruit, brandy, and wine! Feel your worries drift with a refreshing Citrus Cilantro Antioxidant Oil Soak that awakens and refreshes your senses with the scent of fresh snipped Cilantro. Next, a sea salt and pear-infused Brandy body polish takes skin from gloomy to glorious, leaving you awash in ripe pear notes and glistening softness. A potent antioxidant Wine Down serum, loaded with resveratrol from winery grapes, is painted over you, rich with restorative fruit and vegetable compounds that help skin reverse free radical damage. Finally, you’ll rediscover your spice for life with a Ginger Sorbet Body Milk application, with all natural ginger and grapefruit notes for an uplifting finish.